Safety Tips

Toxic Woods

If you submit an Internet search (example a Google search) for Toxic Wood it will present you with almoust 1M results. As you scan some of the results you will find the information in the articles below and possibly other information. The real take-away for you is to be aware of what woods can create the most serious issues for you. That being said if you don’t have good dust control any wood can present health issues for you.

Potentially Toxic Woods – This information is reprinted with permission from data provided by Roy Banner, a wood turner from Torrance, California who almost lost his life in 1989 to anaphylaxis shock after turning pieces of exotic wood. You can bet Roy wears his RACAL respirator every time he turns on his lathe now! Roy has assembled this data over the years from various sources and when an entry appears in red, this indicates that the information has come from only one source and has not been verified elsewhere.

Wood Working Toxic Woods – This information list the wood, reaction, site, potency, source, and incidence.

Also check out the toxic wood page at the wood-database.