“The purpose of the Prescott Area Woodturners (PAW), an Arizona non-profit corporation, shall be to foster and encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of woodturning as a craft and art form, both traditional and contemporary, among the general public, hobbyists and professional woodturners, to educate the general public and PAW members in the art and techniques of woodturning.”

The Prescott Area Woodturners’ members have at least one thing in common – they use a lathe.

PAW members run the gamut from beginners to experienced wood turners, creating simple bowls to complex decorative pieces. For most of us we learn by working with individuals whose skill level is higher than ours. With this thought in mind several members have offered to be mentors.


    • Are usually more experienced individuals who have knowledge and understanding of the woodturning craft and are willing to share this knowledge through examples and advice.
    • Act as role models to the mentee.
    • Focus on technical skill and encourage self-development.
    • Provide advice on “woodturnings” next steps and can recommend the mentee for guild service and active participation in social services involvement.
    • Work especially well with those first starting out in this new craft and/or entering a new area of skill appreciation and development.


    • Are interested in learning more about woodturning from other turners.
    • Are dedicated to self-improvement and practice.
    • Are willing and eager to accept instructions, suggestions, and guidance in the framework of positive one-on-one relationships.
    • Will respect their mentor as one who is a volunteer and dedicated to the sharing of the satisfaction, meaningful activities of, and personal desire to help others in their development as wood turners.

John Armstrong - (928) 642-0917

Basics, Sharpen Tools, Spindles, Bowls & Platters, Embellishment, Hollowing, Finishes

Ken Allen - (208) 521-0493

Basics, Bowls & Platters, Pens

Philip Brown - (928) 541-9811

Basics, Bowls & Platters, Pens, Embellishment

Gary Frank - (928) 515-4195

Basics, Bowls & Platters, Pens, Segmenting, Finishes

Dan Hall - (928) 499-5591


Roger Harlow - (928) 533-4124

Basics, Sharpen Tools, Spindels, Bowls & Platters, Segmenting, Hollowing,

Jay Loden - (661) 644-9228

Resin & Epoxy

Walt Spencer - (619) 987-0621

Basics, Sharpen Tools, Spindles, Bowls & Platters, Hollowing, Thread Chasing

Dennis Egan - (512) 413-0866

Bowls & Platters, Finishes, Flat Boarding

Bruce Butler - (928) 533-1237

Basics, Bowls & Platters, Thread Chasing

Dave Madden - (928) 717-2261

Basics, Sharpen Tools, Spindles, Bowls & Platters, Embellishment, Hollowing, Finishes, Thread Chasing

Dean Humphrey - (623) 734-8053

Mounting and securing the work piece, Basic tool use, Bowls, Platers, Spindles, Finials, Hollow Forms, Sharpening

Jerry Walters - (928) 284-1339

Basics, Sharpen Tools, Finishes

Ric Davis - (949) 874-3015

Basics, Sharpen Tools, Spindles, Bowls & Platters, Segmenting, Hollowing, and Flat Boarding

Don Milburn - (928) 606-4622

Carbide Tools, Pens, Resin & Epoxy

Karel Armstrong - (928) 308-7540

Captive Rings, Embellishment

Dick Kelly - (928) 499-9232

Digital Design & Router Carved Art, Embellishment

Bruce Potter - (928) 848-6150

Musical Instruments, Pens

Joel Brooks - (928) 651-4278

Bowls & Platters, Segmenting