PAW Library Materials:

The Prescott Area Woodturners Club (PAW) has a large collection of books and DVDs available for its members to check out from the library.  Both the books and the DVDs are organized by categories to make it easier for members to browse through them during meetings.  The collection is set out during the monthly general meeting and is available for members to check out items before or after the meeting or during the break.

The lists of library materials are available to members online so they can select a book or DVD that interests them prior to the meetings.  If a title is of interest, please email or call the current librarian and the item will be held to pick up at the meeting if it’s available.

Items are generally checked out for a one-month period but may be used longer at the agreement with the librarian.  A reminder notice to return the items will be sent by email a few days before the general meeting.

 BOOKS: List of books by Category or Artist or Author

 DVDs: List of DVDs by Category or Artist or Author