Don Milburn - Artists Work

I have lived in Prescott for more than 25 years and have been interested in the art of woodturning since first learning the fundamentals of the craft in high school wood shop way back in the 60s. Like most aspiring artists though, a career and making a life for myself and my wife took precedence over dedicating much time to wood turning.

Retiring in 2011 from my full time job in medical physics and Sonography, allowed me to once again take up this fascinating art form. Today, I could not be happier with this hobby which allows me to express my fascination with wood. I love finding wood that has been cast off as nothing more than firewood and transforming it into creations that reveal the inner beauty of this amazing material that we tend to take for granted. I also enjoy working with acrylics and developing interesting color mixes, and then combining wood and acrylic into hybrid pieces bowls and custom ink pens.

Each bowl can take several hours to carve into a rough shape and then several more hours of sanding and sealing, applying a final finish and then buffing to bring out the beauty hidden within. It is not unusual to have a week of time invested in each bowl.

If nothing else, this endeavor has taught me great patience as each step of the process takes time and trying to take shortcuts in any of the processes only detracts from the final piece.

I hope you enjoy looking at my creations as much as I enjoy making them.

Don Milburn
Resurrection Woodcrafts, Prescott, Az.