Dennis Egan - Artists Work

I have been woodworking since I was in my teens. I have made everything from furniture to a woody station wagon. I started woodturning in Texas about 10 years ago by taking a three-day class at the Heritage School of Woodworking located in EL Mott Texas just north of Waco.

That was my introduction to a new branch of woodworking that I thought was too difficult to even try. The class taught me to take small steps and make light cuts and most important to make sure you use sharp tools. Since then I took a class at Yavapai Community College and learned more ways to improve my turning.

One of the best things about our club is the willingness for everyone to share what they know with everyone else. Once I recover from the carpal tunnel surgeries in September, I can start working in my shop once again.

Small steps at a time turns into great creations…