August 26, 2023:

Prescott Area Woodturners met at 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark on Saturday August 26, 2023.  President Mark Oglesby called the meeting to order at noon.  Mark welcomed everyone and called on Membership Director Jay Loden, who announced that Bob Scaboo had rejoined PAW after recovering from some health problems.  We now have 95 members.

Mark announced the donation of 4 containers of the wood stabilizer Pentacryl.  Those are now in the club shed, along with papers that describe what the stabilizer does. See the link  Plan to pick up a container at the next meeting, for a donation of whatever amount you deem appropriate.

Mark told everyone that donations toward Empty Bowls are arrayed in the center room of the YEI building, and asked that we make sure to see them.  He said that everyone in attendance today, who contributed bowls, should gather for a picture at break time.

Heidi Defazio talked about the Christmas Ornament Workshop, to be held on September 16 and 17, 2023.  Heidi is leading this workshop.  It will be held at the Yavapai College woodturning shop.  Mark said that it is thanks to Dean Humphrey that we are able to use the YC shop.

Safety Coordinator Dan Hall talked about safety glasses.  Many kinds are available, but it is important that they be rated ANSI ISEA Z87.1.  You may choose glasses that fit over your prescription glasses, have safety glasses made to your prescription, or choose bifocals.  Regardless, they should cover the side of the eye.  Dan suggested making it a habit to don safety glasses whenever you enter your shop.

Program Director Bob Zimmerman introduced Doug Forsha, today’s demonstrator.  Forsha is an instructor at Southwest School of Wood Working.  He has been a wood worker for over 50 years, but stressed that he is not a turner.  He uses turning to facilitate design.

Since students in his classes often have no woodturning skills, Doug created jigs to facilitate creating a platter.  His classes comprise two days.  On Day One students create their own blank. 

Forsha suggests using big pieces of wood when gluing up the blank.  Once glued, the blank is sliced at an angle, then other pieces are added to it and those glued.  It is good to plan your design on paper.  The blank is cut to shape on a band saw, then run through a jointer.

On day Two they turn the blank into a platter, one that is so cleanly turned that minimal sanding is necessary.  Doug showed the boxes/jigs that he created, and demonstrated how the jigs help students position turning tools to (nearly always) successfully produce a unique platter.  Doug turned the outside of the bowl first, with a foot/mortise.

At the close of the demonstration Mark Oglesby thanked Doug for coming to Prescott. 

Kathy Allen described the group called Woodettes, women who are turners, or related to turners, belonging to PAW.  They meet for lunch at different local restaurants on the second Thursday of each month.  Kathy said that women contact her or Marge Hunt if they would like to be added to the email list for information.

After the break we were treated to an always interesting array of Show & Tell pieces.

Program Director Bob Zimmerman reminded everyone that Walt Spencer will be the demonstrator on Tuesday August 29, 2023.  He will be at Bob Zimmerman’s shop, 7868 E. Bellavista Lane in Prescott Valley.  His subject will be “The making of a dovetail tool from cold tool steel to a useful tool.”  The demos follow Tuesday Breakfast at the Back Burner Restaurant, or show up Zimm’s shop at about 8:30 a.m.

Zimmerman reminded everyone who has pieces displayed at the Prescott Public Library that their things must be picked up at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday August 31.  Remaining items will appear at a garage sale at the Zimmerman residence.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hunt, Secretary