July 22, 2023:

Prescott Area Woodturners met on Saturday, July 22, 2023, at the YEI Building, 6708 Corsair, in the Prescott Airpark.
It seemed like we had a crowd that afternoon, and we did! 50 of us sat surrounded by tools awaiting purchase.
President Mark Oglesby called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. Mark welcomed everyone,
with special greetings for 5 visitors.
Mark reminded us that Brad Newman, the founder of YEI, is recovering from a massive stroke. There is a Go-Fund-Me account to help with expenses for his care to which members may wish to contribute.
Mark also reminded us about Empty Bowls. This year the event takes place on Sunday September 17, 2023 on Courthouse Square in Prescott. Bruce Potter collects these donated bowls all year long, but any Board member will be happy to accept your bowl(s). Board members can usually be found at Tuesday Breakfast at the Back Burner Restaurant. Bruce would like to have all the donated bowls in hand at or before the August 26 General Meeting, so that we can take a picture. There is still time to create a bowl or bowls for this event.
At one side of the room, Librarian Kathy Allen had several books on display. They were culled from the PAW Library collection and were offered free to anyone.
The highlight of today’s meeting was a Tool Auction. Ric Davis quickly went over the rules before he and Doug Rowe alternated duties as auctioneer for the day. With two auctioneers, the process was smooth and fast-moving. Nearly all the tools on display went to new homes, often at
really good prices. The sale was considered closed at 2:05 p.m., at which time folks lined up to pay for the item they “won” in the bidding.
Thanks to Ric Davis for coming up with the idea for an auction, then planning, accepting and
storing early offerings of tools, and organizing the day. Great job, Ric, and all your helpers!
Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hunt, Secretary