April 23rd 2022:

Prescott Area Woodturners met on 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark on Saturday April 23, 2022. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by President Ken Allen.

Ken called upon Membership Chairman Jay Loden, who reported no new members today, and one guest: Ann Peek, the wife of today’s demonstrator, joined us today. Jay also said that we are revamping the website. Specifically, Jay has been working with the vendors listed on our website. He asked that members give him the names of vendors they work with, so that he can attempt negotiations for discounts.

Ken reminded us that the May meeting will be on May 21, the THIRD Saturday, allowing for the Memorial Day weekend. Our own Phil Brown will be the demonstrator. His topic will be embellishments.

Ken mentioned the invitation from Peeks Woodturners to their meeting in Flagstaff on May 10. Ric Davis will drive and has room for others in his truck.

Events Chairman Dean Humphrey discussed the sale at Courthouse Square on May 7 and 8. He has 9 sellers signed up, but will add more if he is notified soon. Sellers were reminded to use the form on the website to list the items for sale, using their initials and a number. It is also good to mark each piece with the kind of wood used. Dean needs 10 more folks willing to spend an hour demonstrating on the lathe. Demonstrators use their own tools and create simple items like a top that can be given to children who are watching. Help with set up and take down is also needed.

Dean announced that PAW will be “guest artists” at the Prescott Farmer’s Market on Saturday June 11. We will be demonstrating. Dean requested the donation of turned items that can be sold that day, with the proceeds added to the club treasury.

Program Director Ric Davis announced that there would be a home demo after Tuesday Breakfast on April 26. Jay Loden will demonstrate filling cracks and voids in wood with resin. The demo will be at the home of Mark Oglesby.

John Armstrong announced that Yavapai College will have woodturning classes beginning August 15. Classes are on Monday and Wednesday, days and evenings, leaving Tuesday free for breakfast at the Backburner Restaurant. Registration is open now.

Vice President Mark Oglesby talked about the Chips & Grits Zoom meeting on April 13. The topic was Dust Collection, and it was so popular that a second, and possibly a third, session will be needed. “Part 2” will be on Wednesday May 11 at 8:30 a.m. Part 1 is already on the website. Kathy Allen was given a round of applause for the detailed notes she takes during the meeting.

Wayne Hunt talked about the request by Nel Stubbs for help clearing out the workshop left by her husband, member Dennis Stubbs. The workday was scheduled for Monday April 25 at 9:00. Volunteers signed up for an email with an address, since Dennis no longer appears on the Roster.

Wayne Hunt also did the safety minute, since he received a blow from a bowl that flew off his lathe. He said he was wearing his face shield, but that a shield with a helmet would have been better protection.

Ken Allen then encouraged everyone to become a member of AAW. He pointed out that Jay Loden had applications at the sign-in desk.

Ken said that Tod Raines did record his demo, and it is available until the end of May.

Ken also reminded everyone to continue making bowls for Empty Bowls and containers for Beads of Courage. Those can be turned in at any meeting or Tuesday Breakfast.

Jerry Shugars explained the need for people to stand in the center of the camera area. This is especially necessary for those participating via Zoom. He also said that he and Ken have spent a lot of time creating a written guide for setting up the audio/visuals for each meeting. They need other people to become familiar with the process so that there is back-up always available for set up and running the cameras.

Bob Olsen donated a 1”-8 tpi spindle threading tap to the Library so that this tool can be shared.

Barry Walter has created license plate frames for Prescott Area Woodturners. Two are currently available at $20, with proceeds going to the club.

Susan Murphy asked for pictures of member’s work for the Gallery on the website. Included should be a short biography.

Treasurer Dennis Egan announced that there was $4,090 in the bank. He told members that, when they sell things on the square, the money is collected at the Square, then the seller’s share of the cost of the booth, credit card fees and sales tax are deducted before they receive payment.

Program Director Ric Davis then introduced Bruce Peek, one of our own, as our demonstrator for the day. Bruce said he wanted to thank/blame Kathy Allen for encouraging him to demonstrate. Bruce and Kathy met at a segmenting class given by Ed Jones.

Bruce’s topic for today is Eccentric Turning of a Goblet. He recommended the book Multi-Axis Spindle Turning: A Systematic Exploration by Barbara Dill. He showed various goblets as examples. He said that he has found the best proportion to be when the bowl is 1/3 of the total piece.

After forming the bowl of the goblet he adjusted the piece to a second axis by tilting the piece in the chuck jaws and keeping the tailstock end centered. As he was working on this he quoted a favorite saying: “The enemy of Good…is… Better”. Just then the gouge caught and took a chunk out of the stem.

Bruce switched back to the original axis for the base of the goblet. He feels it is important to spend as much time on the base as on the bowl of the goblet. Most of the sanding done on these delicate pieces is done by hand.

Several times during his presentation Bruce answered questions from the live audience and those on Zoom. It will be interesting to see if this demonstration inspires goblets for display at the May Show & Tell!

After a break our guest pulled the wining number for the 50/50 drawing.

Show & Tell followed.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hunt, Secretary

Prescott Area Woodturners met at the YEI building, 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark, on Saturday March 26, 2022.

President Ken Allen called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. He welcomed those in the building and those joining via Zoom. Membership Director Jay Loden announced that we now have 78 paid members, which includes two new members: Ron Zimmerman and Chuck Brown. Chuck Brown brought with him pieces of wood he received from former PAW member Wayne Wolfe. This wood is free. Jay Loden displayed a license plate frame created by Barry Walter. These are for sale at $20, with proceeds going to PAW.

Ken Allen mentioned that Tod Raines would be our demonstrator for today, and that next month the featured demonstrator will be member Bruce Peek. He also mentioned the on-going wood sale. Members should make a choice and make a donation.

Ken Allen announced that five Scholarships will be given this year. Three Ed Jones Memorial Scholarships at $700 were awarded to John Armstrong, Walt Spencer and Kathy Allen. Two PAW Scholarships at $500 were awarded to Bruce Butler and Ric Davis. Each recipient will give a demonstration at a future meeting of what they learned.

Events Manager Dean Humphrey reported that he has been in discussions with MAG about the sale on Courthouse Square May 7 and 8. He was told that MAG plans this as a Fine Art and Coffee Festival. All food vendors will be located on the empty lot on Goodwin and Montezuma. PAW will be on the Northeast corner of Gurley Street. They are giving us a break on the cost of the booth for demonstrating. So far, Dean knows of 7 sellers and 2 demonstrators. It will be important to have demonstrators throughout both days of the show. Dean asked that folks email him to volunteer as a demonstrator and/or to sell. He will have further information at our April meeting.

Dean said that he had applied for space at the Prescott Farmer’s Market for one Saturday this summer.

Program Director Ric Davis announced that there will be a Tuesday Demo after breakfast at the Backburner Restaurant on March 29. The demo will be at the home of Walt Spencer. There will not be a further hands-on demo of the bowl-in-bowl we will see this morning, although it will no doubt be the topic of discussion. Walt has planned a demonstration of various methods of chucking.

Ken Allen talked about the fact that there was an area on the Show & Tell table for critiques. He said that the purpose of a critique was to improve skills, and that folks should ask a particular member to critique their work.

The Mentor program, as featured at our last meeting, continues. Look for name badges with the letter “M” in a yellow square to identify Mentors.

Vice President Mark Oglesby talked about the Chips & Grits meetings that take place via Zoom on the second Wednesday of each month. There is good participation. At the last meeting three people submitted pictures. The next meeting will be April 13, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. The subject has not been finalized, but may either be embellishing or dust collecting.

Ken Allen discussed requests to sell things to the club. The rule has been that only members could sell things through the club. Ken suggested that we now expand the rule to include things offered by others, but that the sale must be sponsored by a member.

Kathy Allen reported on the first meeting of women associated with PAW, now named The Woodettes. Twelve ladies enjoyed getting together at the luncheon. The group is always open to new members.

Ken announced that a Beads of Courage container by Dick Kelly was featured by AAW. He suggested that members use some of the wood available at each meeting to create Beads of Courage bowls and bowls for the Empty Bowls event in the fall.

Vice President Mark Oglesby is again taking orders for logo shirts. The embroidery store wants a minimum of 12 shirts, so if members would like a shirt they should contact Mark for further information.

Program Director Ric Davis introduced our demonstrator, Tod Raines, who appeared via Zoom from his home in Allen, Texas. Raines sells tools on woodturningtoolstore. For the week following his demonstration he allowed PAW members a 10% discount by using the code PAW10.

The subject of Raines’ demonstration was the creation of a “Bowl in Bowl”. He referred several times to this list:

Steps to turn a Bowl in a Bowl

1. Turn a hemispherical outside of bowl with a tenon for chuck

2. Turn inside bowl and turn down inner bowl rim

3. Reverse and remove tenon making full hemisphere

4. Mount off center in large cup, center and cut outer bowls rim down

Asked why it was necessary to turn a hemisphere, he replied that it was needed in the final step that uses a jam chuck. He used the jig he created to gauge roundness as he turned the outside bowl. The bowl-in-bowl gradually became apparent as he moved through the four steps.

Tod announced that a video recording of our demonstration will be available online for 60 days. The access link will be sent to Ken Allen for distribution.

Show & Tell with critiques followed the demonstration.

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hunt, Secretary