March 25th 2023:

PAW General Meeting 2023-3-25

Prescott Area Woodturners met at the YEI Building, 6808 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark on Saturday March 25, 2023.   ?? of us met in person and ?? on Zoom.

President Mark Oglesby called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.  This was the first of two trial meetings with this earlier starting time.

Mark asked Membership Director of there were any new members today.  Jay said there were none today, but wanted to point out that there have been several changes to the website, and he encouraged everyone to check it out.

Chuck Brown talked about the Logo Contest.  He reminded everyone that they had received an email with details.  The deadline is the next meeting.  Submit ideas to Chuck Brown at patchu1197 or bring them to Tuesday Breakfast.  The reason to keep all submissions with Chuck Brown is that they can remain anonymous.

John Armstrong presented today’s Safety Minute.  John asked for a show of hands regarding prescription safety glasses.  He then asked how many had removed the side shields.  He said that removing the side shields makes them no longer safety glasses.  John uses a face shield/helmet that is impact resistant.  All face shields should be stamped with at least the letters “IP” or Impact Resistant.  Helmet face shields are listed on our website with a 5% discount.

Mark Oglesby said that 9 of our members had recently returned from the Oregon Symposium.  Those attendees will be at Ric Davis’ shop after Tuesday Breakfast on March 28 to share all the things they learned.  The AAW Symposium will be in Portland in 2024.

Marge Hunt reported that Woodettes continues to enjoy lunch on the second Thursday of each month.  The April lunch will be at Red Lobster.  A email with details will follow.

Show & Tell followed.  During his presentation, Dean Humphrey told us that there were only a few donations so far for the Farmers’ Market on April 1.  The club will not make much money if there is nothing to sell.  He will accept donations at Tuesday Breakfast.

After a short break, Program Director Bob Zimmerman introduced John Armstrong, who shared some of the things he learned at a class given by Trent Bosch.  John took the class using the PAW Scholarship he won last year.  John first showed a list of the variety of classes available to PAW members; some close to home and others around the world.  There are many to choose from.  John encouraged more members to apply for scholarships.

The title of the Bosch class was “Self Exploration”.  It was intended for experienced turners.  John showed pictures taken of some of the projects made during the class.  Once John got beyond wondering what he had gotten himself into, he found he was able to look at a problem or project in a larger way.  He says that approach has stayed with him and he uses it day to day.

John displayed the several tools used during the class.  He explained that each teacher uses his own tools to teach the way HE works.  The first three days of the class, John had trouble using the unfamiliar tools.  He drew examples of the different ways of sharpening, and urged folks to experiment with different tools and methods until you find what works for you.

John showed a partially created vessel with facets, and demonstrated various ways of creating facets.  Facets are cut into the vessel before hollowing, then sanded while on the lathe to bring out high points and emphasize the faceting. 

Students in Bosch’s class made the flower bowl & platter John showed us next.  The scallops work best in an odd number (3, 5, 7 etc.).  It is shaped first on a band saw then a power carver is used for shaping.

Armstrong went to this class hoping for guidance in turning a slot canyon.  John has painted them, but hoped to create one in wood.  After several group discussions, it was decided that creating a slot canyon from wood was possible, but that it would require a particular tool.

In closing, John recommends this class for turners with some experience who a looking for a challenge.  He invited folks to come up and get a close look and ask questions.

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hunt, Secretary