September 25th 2021:

President Ken Allen called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Ken called for a moment of silence in memory of member Ed Jones, who had died suddenly on September 22. He announced that there would be time for members to share memories of Ed later in the meeting.

Ken called upon Membership Chairman Jay Loden, who recognized several new members in attendance today. Our total membership now numbers 82. Jay announced the printing of an updated PAW brochure with new pictures and some new verbiage. The brochures were available at the sign-in table and Jay encouraged members to take a couple and give them to friends who might be interested in joining PAW.

Ken Allen talked about the schedule change for today’s meeting. Mike Mahoney called Ken this week to say that he would be unable to give his presentation today. He will instead give an Interactive Remote Demonstration on November 20, which is the third Saturday, in order to keep Thanksgiving weekend free. Ken thanked Dean Humphrey for switching his demonstration from November to today. Ken also mentioned that there was wood available in bins at the back of the room. Folks were encouraged to take any pieces they wanted and to make a donation to the club.

The General Meeting on October 23 will feature an IRD by Trent Bosch. We hope to make it available on Zoom, but that will depend upon Bosch. October 23 is also the date of a Celebration of Life for Ed Jones. We do not yet have a time for the Celebration, but will work with Trent Bosch and adjust the time for his presentation so that members can attend both. Ken told everyone to be sure to watch their email for times.

Ken said that Chips & Grits continues. The last meeting featured member-made jigs and tools. Participants submitted pictures of their creations before the meeting, then talked about them during the meeting. The October 13 Zoom meeting will continue this topic. Ken suggested that members send him pictures of their jigs and tools and be ready to talk about them.

Treasurer Dennis Egan reported that we have $3,532 in the bank. He said that Don Milburn was the first member to submit his dues for 2022. Dues are usually collected from October through December. He also reported that wood sales have made a good addition to our treasury.

Events Chairman Dan Hall announced that November 13, 2021 is the Holiday Sale with the Spinners and Weavers at the Grace Sparkes Center. The sale is one day only, from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. There is enough space for 20 sellers, so members were urged to sign up on the list provided at the welcome table. The fee for selling has not yet been established.

Dan said that the Stocking Stuffer Sale is scheduled for December 13. So far, that sale should take place. Members were reminded to donate items for sale, because all sales that day benefit PAW.

The first donation for the 2022 Empty Bowls Event was accepted today. Walt Spencer talked about the Beads of Courage project that so many of our members donate toward. He was able to show two lidded containers that were delivered today. Walt said that he tries to deliver a batch of containers once a quarter, and estimates that PAW members have donated at least 100 containers a year.

Vice President Mark Oglesby reported that there are currently 12 shirts at the embroidery store awaiting application of PAW logos. The vendor would prefer to do this work in groups, so individuals are discouraged from going separately to the store. A few more members are interested in having shirts embroidered, so Mark will contact the store to see if we can add to this project. If this is possible, a member would submit a NEW shirt of their choosing, and pay $10 for the embroidery.

Don Milburn announced that the Society for Vascular Ultrasound, of which Don is a member, has requested engraved pens for each of their past presidents. The Society will provide some of the materials, but the work would be a donation. The pens are not needed for a while, but Don wanted members to keep this possible donation in mind.

Safety Chairman Joel Brooks asked what safety meant to each of us. One thing to remember is awareness of equipment, tools, etc. as they are being used. Gary Frank showed a big hunk of mesquite that came to him well waxed, and looked to be in excellent condition. However, when he started the lathe a pound and a quarter chunk fell off. His tip: always stand to the side when starting the lathe. Phil Brown then brought the several pieces remaining of a bowl he was working on. It seemed just a bit too thick…

Susan Murphy, Website Chairman, came forward to request from each member a personal picture, pictures of some of your work, and a short biography. Ken Allen took this opportunity to compliment Susan on the excellent work she has done editing the videos from our meetings.

Gary Frank introduced our demonstrator, Dean Humphrey. Dean has had articles published in the AAW Magazine, has been a flat-boarder and wood turner for years, and has been a teacher. Gary reiterated his thanks to Dean for his willingness to demonstrate on such short notice.

Dean began his presentation with the caveat that he treats everybody in his audience as if they know absolutely nothing about wood turning. Dean said he deals with both wrist and back issues, and said he is inspired by Lyle Jamison. He showed the system he devised. He said there are many techniques that can be used, but whatever works best for you is correct. Dean distributed the attached illustration of his captured system, and proceeded to set it up. He acknowledged that set up takes some time. For this reason Dean might make more than one vessel.

Dean showed the system in use, with the laser illustrating his exact position inside the vessel. He then asked Susan Murphy to come up and continue the demonstration. She was able to do this, even though she had never before used this system.

After a break Ken Allen showed a short PowerPoint showing Ed Jones during various PAW meetings and events. Many members shared memories of Ed that called to mind Ed’s involvement in the growth of Prescott Area Woodturners. For instance, his generosity: he not only offered the use of his huge, beautiful shop, but also allowed the use of his tools. He often supplied materials for projects, and never said a word if he wasn’t fully reimbursed. He and Twilla Jones hosted the PAW summer BBQ/Picnic twice. The pictures showed Ed with a smile, because that was always the way we saw him. Ed Jones will be missed. At this time we know that the Celebration of his Life will be on October 23, 2021. When more details, including the time, are available, that information will be sent via email.

To reiterate: October 23 is also the date of our October General Meeting. Demonstrator Trent Bosch was very understanding of this conflict. He will work with us and schedule his demo such that members can attend both the memorial and the demonstration.

Show & Tell always delights. On the Show & Tell table was a clamping device for use in segmenting that was made and donated by Pete Dufek, who has since moved to Texas. Dean Humphrey acted as auctioneer for the first ever PAW Live Auction. Bill McDonald was the winner.

Dean Humphrey expressed his thanks to the Board for keeping the club going through these difficult times. Jerry Shugars added that our use of Zoom makes attendance at meetings available to folks far and wide, and membership is not limited to our physical area.

The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hunt, Secretary