September 24, 2022:

Prescott Area Woodturners met at the YEI Building, 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark, on Saturday September 24, 2022.

President Ken Allen called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. and welcomed everyone on site and those on Zoom.  Membership Chairman Jay Loden introduced three guests.  Jay announced that we now have 86 members.

Treasurer Dennis Egan went over recent additions to the Treasury and summarized his remarks by saying that we are doing well.  The sale of wood that has been donated to the club has been a consistent addition to our bottom line.  Folks were reminded that there were tubs of wood available at the back of the room.

Ken Allen told everyone to Save the Date of December 5, 2022, as that will be our Holiday Dinner at the Redwoods Grill in Dewey.

Ken reminded us about the Mentor Program.  He said that new members are paired with a Mentor on their first day, but that the list of Mentors can be found on the website, and members should always feel free to contact a Mentor with questions.

Bruce Potter reported that the Empty Bowls Event on Courthouse Square the previous Sunday was very successful.  PAW donated a total of 85 bowls for this event that funds local food banks.  Ken Allen showed pictures from his and Kathy’s experience at the event. 

Ken Allen relayed an email he had received from Alan Stratton regarding his Annual Christmas Ornament Contest.  3 clubs with the most submissions will get a free IRD from Stratton.  Ken reminded us that an ornament exchange is part of our Holiday Dinner, and suggested this contest as a source of ideas.  He encouraged members to submit entries.

Ken announced the upcoming 2022 Woodworking Contest + Show at Woodworkers Source. Pete Lange, via Zoom, said that he had previously attended the show.  Works on display were amazing.  Participants receive a gift card from Woodworkers Source.

Events Manager Dean Humphrey talked about our appearance at the Prescott Farmer’s Market on October 8, where we will again demonstrate.  Members are asked to donate items for sale that day.  The organizers of the Market are excited to have us, and sales of the items donated were gratifying.  November 12, 2022 is the date of the Holiday Sale with the Spinners and Weavers, held at the Grace Sparkes Activity Center, at which members sell their own works.   December 17 is the date of the Stocking Stuffer Sale, again at the Grace Sparkes Activity Center.  Proceeds from this sale go directly to our Treasury because all the items are donated by members.

Mountain Artists Guild sponsors the two sales a year at which PAW participates.  Dean Humphrey is a member of MAG, and presented a demonstration of woodturning at their meeting on December 16th.

Ric Davis reviewed the display of PAW works at the Prescott Valley Public Library.   It was very well received, and as a result, we are now scheduled for a display every year during the month of August.  Ric mentioned that the Tuesday Demo next week will feature Barry Walter, who will demonstrate his segmented pens.

Ken Allen announced that the next Chips & Grits Zoom meeting will be on October 19, 2022, a week later than usual because Kathy Allen will not be available on October 12.  Bruce Butler will continue the Shop Tours.  This is a discussion session along with a look at the variety of shops our members use.  It was pointed out that these sessions might be a security issue, so they will not be available on our website.

Marge Hunt reported that the Woodettes, women associated with PAW, continue to enjoy lunches together at various restaurants in the area.

Vice President Mark Oglesby updated us on AED availability.  An AED is owned by YEI, and they are making it available to us for our meetings.  Mark has researched classes on AED certification, and found that the fee is $35.  CPR and AED classes are available on line.  Mark will take a class and then send a link.  16 people are interested, some of whom are already certified.  As folks become certified Mark will make a list available.

Safety Coordinator Dan Hall appeared via Zoom, and talked about tripping hazards.  He said that he cleaned his shop before he gave a Tuesday Demo (so now he’s having difficulty finding things), but as he got back to work, he became aware of the number of cords that are ordinarily on the floor of his shop while he is working.  Cords should be covered or taped down.

Program Director Ric Davis introduced Larry O’Brien.  Larry did a dry run of today’s program for the Flagstaff woodturning club on September 13th.

Larry demonstrated the Carter Products commercial captive hollowing system he uses.  His system came with a laser pointer  but Larry found that the laser was difficult to see when turning near the bottom of some turnings so he replaced the laser pointer with a camera and monitor.  He now adjusts the camera above his cutting tool and draws the outline of the cutting tip with erasable marker on the face of his monitor. He then positions the cutting tool a small distance away from the outside of his turning to represent the wall thickness he desires and draws a second line on his monitor to show this distance away from the cutting tip. By watching the monitor and only cutting to the second line he will always end up with the desired wall thickness and will avoid inadvertently cutting through the wall. His modifications were inexpensive and make all the difference for him when hollowing.  With these modifications, there is no need for calipers.

Larry O’Brien sent an email with purchasing information.  It will be forwarded today.

After a break we were treated to Show & Tell.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hunt, Secretary