Tips & Techniques


Carbide sharping and usage tips. – Carbide sharping and useage tips from club member Don Milburn.  Some great info here on sharping and on how to use a carbide tool.

Sharpening Woodturning Tools – Doug Thompson. Doug’s tools come sharp and ready to use and to keep them sharp he has created a simple sharpening guide to duplicate the way he grinds each tool. He uses the Oneway Vari-Grind attachment and recommends that you print and place his guide next to your sharpening station.

Tips & Techniques

AAW- 30 Shop Tips, “Shop Tips” has always been the most popular American Woodturner journal article for AAW members. What Woodturner wouldn’t want to know how to complete a project faster, more accurately, and for less money? In celebration of the AAW’s 30th anniversary, here are 30 shop tips that we’ve gleaned from more than 250 pages of shop tips over the association’s history. Enjoy!

AAW- Sandpaper Nitty Gritty – Supplement you knowledge about sandpaper by reading this excellent article by Art Scott

AAW – Woodturning Fundamentals Ask Expert Scraper, I am at the initial stages of my bowl turning experience and would like to know the optimum (if there is one) scraper angle for turning hardwoods, primarily Oak and Cherry. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Inch to Decimal to Metric for one inch chart – I don’t know about you but I really get confused when working with the imperial measurements (inch, foot, yard), especially when working with different fractional measurements. Most likely I’ll make a mistake when attempting to add and subtract different measurements. For me the obvious solution was to use metric and I created a two page chart that shows the Fraction/Decimal/mm measurement for 0.0039 inches to 47 inches. This allows me to easily convert any measurement less than an inch to metric, so far I’ve never made a mistake when adding/substracting metric measurements. Print the chart on a color printer single sided, then insert the two pages into two clear plastic sleeves and tape them to the wall in your shop. I have them taped to my walls in multiple places. (John Terdik)

Introduction to WoodturningBrian Clifford, before making use of these file please read the copyright notice in the PDF. Failure to read this notice does not exempt the user from the conditions of use. Brian has various excellent articles and videos on his website.

What Makes a Quality Sanding Abrasive – From VincesWoodNWonders – “Over the years I have been asked many questions regarding sanding abrasives. To better answer some of these question I have created a Presentation called “What Makes a Quality Sanding Abrasive”. This presentation explains variable characteristics concerning sanding abrasives and how they pertain to power sanding while working on a lathe as well as sanding and abrasives in general.

Types of Drill Bits, Materials and Finishes – The materials from which bits are manufactured and the finishes applied to them play a significant role in the life and performance of the bit.