Recommended Woodturning Sites

Al Stirt
Al will show you all the skills needed from the basic bowl to texturing, carving, fluting and much more. This is a outstanding class.

Cindy Drozda
Elegant, Exquisite, Museum Quality Lidded Finial Vessels and Urns hand made by Woodturner and Artist. Her work has been chosen for exhibitions around the country, and has appeared in several magazines and books.

Conover Workshops
Ernie Conover is a highly published author in the woodworking field with seven books, four videos and hundreds of articles to his credit. When not writing, lecturing or consulting he is active in providing academic oversight and teaching at Conover Workshops—a craft school founded by the Conover family.

Czeck Edge Hand Tool
This is for the woodworkers out there… if your looking for the best hand tools on the market check this out. Each is handcrafted from the finest materials and it shows in the end product… a perfect tool.

John Jordan
Interested in hollow forms… well this is the place to learn. John is known as a master of hollow forms then add carving and texturing… no wonder his work is in collections all over the world. Check out his handles and hollowing tools.

Jimmy Clewes
One of the best woodturners in the world. Jimmy has classes at his shop in Las Vagas or you can see him demo all over the world. He also has a new set of DVD’s and now custom made turning tools.

Mark Kauder
Mark is know for his segmented work and a flawless finish.

Mark St.Leger
Mark is a highly skilled woodturner that has demo’ed all over the country. He designed and sells a 5/8 SRG that is a sweet all around spindle tool.

Nick Cook
Nick Cook owns and operates the only full service woodturning studio in the metropolitan Atlanta area. He turns a variety of work including one-of-a-kind bowls and vessels along with his unique gift items—wine stoppers, baby rattles, rolling pins, spinning tops, honey dippers, and the like.

Eric Lofstrom
Creating thoughtfully distilled art to inspire presence, reflection, & connection. Empowering others through coaching & intentional, differentiated instruction


Rudy Lopez
Rudy began his relationship with wood over 37 years ago. With an education in drafting and design, the transition into woodturning has been a seamless flow into another creative endeavor.

Powermatic Lathes

Jet Lathes

Tom Peter  
Respectful Transitions creates art as unique as the trees which they come.

Trent Bosch
Woodturning is the starting point to create his carvings and sculptures. He also sell his own handles.

Superior sanding products, turning tools, and accessories.

Woodturner Pro
Segmented Woodturning Simplified

Woodturning Online

World of Woodturners (WOW)
The World of Woodturners site (WoW) originated in November, 2001. At its start it was the only interactive site where woodturners could post photos and descriptions of their work and engage in discussion about their art. WoW members think of themselves as a family. They are artists who have become friends and who willingly share their talents and skills. This is a place where the novice freely mixes with the seasoned professional in an atmosphere of shared respect. No one is anonymous and everyone uses their own name. From this venue has arisen some incredible art, some of which can be seen in the public gallery. Enjoy this display of fine work. Access to the site itself is at no cost, by obtaining a membership invitation from an existing WoW family member or contacting site administrationoodturning is the starting point to create his carvings and sculptures. He also sell his own handles.