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Never do these 5 things when turning a bowl

Buying a Wood Lathe –  5 Must Know’s

Oak and Fire woodturning  

Does Ceramic Coating Work?



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Ultimate Sandpaper test

What is TUNG OIL?

Would you turn this piece?–XQEpok2tM&lc=UgxOiEPSH0_LniOgIZN4AaABAg.9nahG2wiSNd9nbJS9sAsBa&ab_channel=DukaHeritage

Using Paper Joints for Turning Bowls:  Check out this WWGOA link

Low-cost spray finishes: article

David Kohler’s Segmented Woodturning Demo: Link

ALLERGIES ARE REAL! Take a look at the wood allergy database

UNDERSTANDING THE WOOD HARDNESS SCALE,  Check out the Janka hardness scale

A better understanding of species: Take a look at the WOOD DATABASE

If you missed Walt Spencer’s threading demo – here is a link to the video: ARE REAL! Take a look at the wood allergy database.

Take a look at the WOOD DATABASE


GRATITUDE: This could be your lathe!

John Armstong’s demo, “Learnings from Trent Bosch’s class“: Link to John Armstrong’s video

April’s Chips and Grits – Bruce Butler’s  Topic: “W.H.Y. R.O.D.  What Have You Recently Observed/Done?”  Here is the link – April 12th Chips and Grits

How plywood is made: CAUTION: you are going to learn something. Here is the link  

15 Wood Lathe Projects that Sell Fast on ETSY Here is the link

HOW TO DRY WOOD Good info!

Turning Tops 

Shellac as a turning finish

5 Tips for Photographing your work

Wood Lathe Maintenance – 7 areas to maintain

DIY Dust Collection – Kent Weakley

Turn a wooden flower in less than a minute

Very creative turner! Jack  Mack Woodturning 

End grain tear out elimination hack (1 minute video)

Staved & Segmented Vase – Part 1 

A Very Creative turner – Jack Mack

Meet Harper, a Beads of Courage bowl recipient  

Amazing Innovative embellishing methods

Save the purple in purpleheart

A different type of dust collector Harvey Ge700 Gyro

Does ceramic coating help with finishes?