Please print the membership form PDF from the button below. Be sure to specify the type of membership you are applying for on the form. Return form(s) to Membership Chairman at a membership meeting with cash or check for the amount due. Click here to see our event calendar and list of meeting dates. You can also mail your form and check to :

PO BOX 12346



A document is available with helpful information for new club members, appropriately called “PAW New Member Information.” This document will answer many of your questions about how the club operates and what club events recur every year. You may also ask questions of any club member or officer and we will find answers for you. You may review this document online or download and print it for reading later.

PAW New Member Information

Current Members

1. Mike Adler (also AAW member) 29. Marge Hunt 57. Mark Oglesby (also AAW member)
2. Kathy Allen (also AAW member) 30. Wayne Hunt (also AAW member) 58. Bob Olsen (also AAW member)
3. Ken Allen (also AAW member) 31. Darrel Jensen 59. Jim Opdahl (also AAW member)
4. Gerry Allen (also AAW member) 32. Ed Jones (also AAW member) 60. Bruce Peek (also AAW member)
5. John Armstrong (also AAW member) 33. Forrest (Woody) Jones 61. Gene Perryman (also AAW member)
6. Karel Armstrong 34. *Don Jordan (also AAW member) 62. Bruce Potter (also AAW member)
7. Jack Benson 35. Sally Kasner (also AAW member) 63. Guy Roberts
8. Phillip Bird 36. Dick Kelly (also AAW member) 64. Doug Rowe (also AAW member)
9. Dan Black 37. Howard Kesselman (also AAW member) 65. Bob Scaboo
10. Joel Brooks (also AAW member) 38. Bonnie Klein (also AAW member) 66. Ray Schmelter
11. Philip Brown 39. Bill Kram (also AAW member) 67. Jerry Shugars (also AAW member)
12. Bruce Butler (also AAW member) 40. Pete Lang 68. Dave Smith (also AAW member)
13. *Joe Carr 41. Bill Liske 69. Rick Sommerfelt
14. Gary Christensen (also AAW member) 42. Jay Loden (also AAW member) 70. Walter Spencer (also AAW member)
15. Craig Colin 43. Denis Lueders 71. Tom Steckhahn
16. Kenneth David 44. Dave Madden (also AAW member) 72. Dennis Stubbs
17. Heidi DeFazio 45. Bill McDonald (also AAW member) 73. Rita Toikka
18. Larry Dorrell 46. Carol Milburn 74. Mark Tuttle
19. Jim Dotseth 47. Don Milburn (also AAW member) 75. Steve Vaughan
20. Pete Dufek 48. Mike Mitchell (also AAW member) 76. Denis Wagner
21. Carolyn Egan 49. Jim Muehleisen (also AAW member) 77. Barbara Walter
22. Dennis Egan (also AAW member) 50. Sapphire Murphy 78. Barry Walter (also AAW member)
23. Gary Frank 51. Savannah Murphy 79. Gerald (Jerry) Walters
24. *John Garner 52. Susan Murphy 80. Steve Wellander
25. Dan Hall (also AAW member) 53. Travis Murphy 81. Grace Wellander
26. John Halvorson 54. Jake Naujakas (also AAW member) 82. James Winge (also AAW member)
27. Roger Harlow 55. Ken Nelson (also AAW member)
28. Dean Humphrey (also AAW member) 56. Larry Obrien (also AAW member)