Tolly Style Box

Prescott Area WoodTurners

Demonstration of Tolly Style Box by Prescott Area Woodturners member Dick Kelly.

Dick did a great demo for the club members at our April 2019 meeting. The Prescott Area Woodturners support the “Beads of Courage” boxes/containers, for those of you that do not understand what the “Beads of Courage” is;  Each time an adolescent  cancer patient has a treatment that child is given a “bead” the bead is approximately the size of a nickel and has a hole bored through the “flat end”, this hole is used to string the beads together, some of the children have “strings” upto 25 feet long, that’s a lot of treatments. The members of  Prescott Area Woodturners decided to make lidded containers for these children to store their beads in.  The club members have donated some remarkable containers over the years.  A special thanks goes out to the club’s Vice President, Walter Spencer for being the club’s liaison for the Beads of Courage. 

The following method which was developed and demonstrated by Dick Kelly. 

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