November 14th 2020:

Prescott Area Woodturners met at the YEI building, 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark, on Saturday November 7, 2020. 

President Barry Walter called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  He introduced the slate of nominees for Board of Directors for the year 2021.  He talked about the Christmas party scheduled for December 8, 2020.  It will be set up to be as safely distanced as possible.  Cocktails will be served to those seated at tables.

Librarian Kathy Allen reminded everybody that there were free magazines at the Library table.

Susan Murphy, who is currently operating our website, asked each of the members to send her a picture of themselves, perhaps with a piece that they have made.  A few words of biography would also be good.  She is constructing a Members portion of the website.  Send these things to her e-mail:

Past President Don Milburn announced that he still has a supply of brass shavings to give away.

There were only a few Show and Tell presentations today, but the willingness to share is always appreciated.

Members in attendance today voted unanimously to seat the following members of the 2021 Board of Directors:

  •        President                                Ken Allen
  •        Vice President                       Mark Oglesby
  •        Treasurer                                Dennis Egan
  •        Secretary                                Marge Hunt
  •        Membership                          Jay Loden
  •        Sales                                        Dan Hall
  •        Safety                                      Dean Humphrey
  •        Program Director is open at this time.

When called upon for a Membership report, current Director Jim Opdahl expressed sincere thanks for electing Jay Loden as the new Membership Director.

Safety Coordinator Dean Humphrey, before giving a safety tip for the day, presented incoming President Ken Allen a “tool box” labeled Ken’s Krap.  Dean said he heard each previous President complain about all the “crap” they had to take as president; therefore Dean felt that Ken could use this container.  In light of all that, Ken accepted the tool box and, amazingly, did not decline the presidency.

Barry Walter then introduced Walt Spencer to present today’s program.  Spence is an integral part of PAW; the go-to person for sharpening, hollowing, and many types of mentoring.  Before beginning, though, Spence talked about safety.  The safety glasses he wore cost $2.50 on line.  He also said we should wear ear protection.  Spence said that equipment should be high quality and sharp.  The equipment should be stable and well lighted.  It is important to work with no distractions.  He believes lathe speed should be comfortable for you.

Spence’s program could be called “Platters 101”.   He defined a platter as a serving piece.  A plate is made to be used with a knife and fork.

He showed us the method he used to mount the piece on the lathe and discussed other methods as well.  He aimed for crisp edges and a smooth surface.  When planning the finished piece, it is good to remember, if you plan to offer the piece for sale, that larger sized pieces sell for more money.

Before beginning his demonstration, Spence explained what steps he would take – his preferred method.  He also said that there were many sources of instructions out there.  He recommended Glenn Lucas as well as the many sources on the AAW website.  Walt sent a copy of his platter making instructions to Susan Murphy for inclusion on our website.

Spence created two platters during the demonstration, while answering any questions from the audience.  At the close of his program Spence offered his assistance as a mentor.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hunt, Secretary