July 23 2022:

Prescott Area Woodturners met at 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark on Saturday July 23, 2022.  The meeting was called to order by Vice President Mark Oglesby at 1:00 p.m.  Mark said that President Ken Allen was quarantined with Covid, as was Kathy Allen, so no Library today.  Also, today’s meeting would not be on Zoom and there would be no demonstration.

Mark welcomed everyone, including new members Chuck Boheneck and his wife Jeannie Sharp.

Membership Chairman Jay Loden said that there were fliers for the November sale at the check-in table.  He said that photos of member’s work were being taken throughout today’s meeting.  The photos will go on the Gallery page of the PAW website, and an email of the photos will be sent to the member.  Susan Murphy asked for a short bio of each participant.

Treasurer Dennis Egan said that our finances were in good shape.  However, everyone should feel free to donate…

Don Milburn announced that he is gathering pens donated for the Society of Medical Imaging.  The goal is to create 27 custom pens, one for each past president of the Society.  Barry Walter is making custom presentation boxes.

Event Coordinator Dean Humphrey talked about the MAG sale to be held on August 6 & 7, 2022, just two weeks from now.  We will be in the same location as for the May sale, and that went very well.  As of today, 10 members are signed up to sell, with one slot for Saturday-only still open.  Our first Farmer’s Market sale was successful.  The next will be on October 11, 2022.

Program Director Ric Davis said that today is Photo Day, with cameras set up in the middle room here at YEI for professional photos of works brought by members.  Ric gave special thanks to Jay Loden for all his work.  It is also Tool Sale Day.  Tools for sale are arranged on tables at the back of the room, with bid sheets attached.

Ric then talked about the display at the Prescott Valley Library during the month of August. This is a good opportunity to tell the public about PAW.   Ric asked that members bring items they want displayed to the PV Library at 9:00 a.m. on August 8.

Ric said that the August meeting would feature an IRD by Rudy Lopez.  The Tuesday Demo following the August General Meeting will be at Dan Hall’s workshop on 8/30/22 at 9:00am.

The Tuesday Demo that will follow today’s meeting will be at Ric Davis’s shop on July 26, and will be an open topic session.

The Chips & Grits Zoom programs continue once a month, the next scheduled on August 10 at 8:00 a.m.  The topic will be Steady Rest.

Jay Loden discussed the Vendor List routinely published by PAW.  Jay contacted those vendors and found that not all offered discounts.  Many phone calls later, Jay has compiled a list of vendors who actually do offer discounts to members of PAW.  He had negotiated agreements with these vendors, some of which, particularly those that offer group sales, require a list of members.  Those PAW members who DO NOT want their names distributed should email Jay.  These vendors and the discounts offered will be made available on a secure site on our website.  Our website is visited by many outside of our membership, and these discounts are for members only.  Information regarding passwords will be sent to the membership when this is all set up.

Bruce Butler then took the floor to talk about vacuum chucks.  He said that those who own a Powermatic can order a part like the one he showed for $75 from Craft Supply.  Or: Bruce has offered to make one for you for $20.  Contact Bruce Butler.

Mark Oglesby reminded everyone to continue to make donations of containers for Beads of Courage, bowls for Empty Bowls, and items to be donated to Kiwanis.

Safety Chairman Dan Hall talked about chain saws.  Those are often used on Found Wood.  When using a chain saw it is important to wear eye protection, gloves and perhaps even leather chaps.  The chain saw should be started on the ground, after the material is secured.  DO NOT brace with a foot.  Watch out for folks who might be standing near you.

Mark Oglesby announced the Tool Sale.  The items brought for sale were displayed next to a bid sheet for each item.  Mark will announce the winner of each bid after the break.  He reminded everyone of the trailer in the room, filled with items left over from the sale of Dennis Stubbs’ shop.  There were no prices on items in the trailer; folks were told to take whatever they wanted and give a donation to the Treasury.  Mark hoped to have an empty trailer at the end of the day.

Mark then announced a break to give folks a final chance to bid on the items for sale, saying that he would announce the winners at the end of the break.  He also announced that there was a lathe for sale on a trailer outside, because it would have been awkward to bring it inside.

After the break Mark read the winning bids and reminded everyone that the sales were between individual buyers and sellers.

The 50/50 Raffle netted $33 to the club and $33 to the club member whose name was drawn.

Show & Tell always illicits oohs and aahs.  We have so much talent in this club!

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Hunt, Secretary