June 26th 2021:

The Prescott Area Woodturners met at the YEI building, 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark, on Saturday, June 26th for the annual tool sale meeting.

President Ken Allen called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M.  There were several orders of business to discuss before the tool sale began.  He explained that the tool sale would be held differently this year.  The Board of Directors had decided to hold a silent auction.  He said the guidelines for the auction would be given after the announcements.

Ken explained that a vote would be held by the members present at the meeting to approve the Revised Bylaws that had been emailed to everyone on June 9th.  He asked for any questions or comments.  None were given.  Ken called for an ‘aye or nay’ vote to pass the Bylaws.  The vote unanimously passed by the membership with 31 members present of our 82 members.

Ken acknowledged that a lot of wood had been donated to the club by several members.  He asked that everyone choose some wood to take with them and make a donation of their choice for the benefit of the club.  He asked that each person make an empty bowl.

He announced that the July PAW meeting will be a picnic lunch to be held on Saturday, July 31st at Doug Rowe’s house.  Marge will send an invitation and map to everyone in the next few weeks.  An RSVP will be required by July 17th so the club can anticipate the number of people who will be attending.  Parking is an issue so Ken asked that people carpool if possible.  He asked if anyone would volunteer as a parking attendant and Mark Oglesby volunteered.

Ken said that the Board has sent a letter to MAG concerning the problems with the May sale on the plaza.  The letter requested that changes be made to return the club’s booth to its location from past sales and that the club be allowed to give demonstrations to the public at no additional charge.  A response has not been received from MAG at this time.

Franklin Phonetic School may need volunteers to work with their students.  Their shop teacher, Tom Bockman, has health problems and may need assistance.

The professional woodturner Interactive Remote Demonstrations will begin at the August PAW meeting on the 28th.  They will only be held at YEI so members will have to meet there to view them.  Program Director Gene Perryman said that he’s checked with the presenters and they are all on schedule to give the demos.  Pat Carroll is in August, Mike Mahoney in September and Trent Bosch in October.

‘Chips and Grits’ discussion group is held by Zoom on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 A.M.  Ken invited members to join in these discussions.

John Armstrong and Gerry Allen brought objects they had made as part of the Turner’s Challenge given to each other prior to Covid disruptions of meetings last year.  John wanted to continue this challenge in the club.  He said that attitude and sometimes ego play a part as well as opportunities to think outside the box as part of the learning process.  Anyone who gives a challenge should be aware of the skills of the person chosen to participate and mentors can give advice.  Denis Leuders and Joel Brooks agreed to try this challenge next.  John said that everyone in the club is also challenged to make an empty bowl each month.

Treasurer Dennis Egan reported that the club has about $4,200 in the account and will be paying around $1,000 for the upcoming remote demonstrations.  He reported that the club’s finances are in good shape.

Membership Director Jay Loden introduced two visitors who also joined the club later in the meeting.  He said we currently have 82 members in PAW.

Librarian Kathy Allen said that member John Garner was giving away many woodworking books.  She invited members to choose some of the free books during the meeting.  All remaining books would be donated to the public library.

Safety Chair Dave Smith gave a ‘safety minute’ on faceplate turning and types of fasteners.  He handed out information on his topic.

Ken Allen then gave information about the tool sale.  Each participant had put bid sheets by the items they were selling.  Everyone had 30 minutes to write bids, choose wood or find some free books.  At the end of the time period, Ken read the top bids for each item and the buyers paid the sellers.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Allen, Acting Secretary