May 22nd 2021:

Prescott Area Woodturners met at the YEI building, 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark on Saturday May 22, 2021. 

President Ken Allen called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  He announced that there was a lot of wood outside from which members were encouraged to take as many pieces as they wanted, and to give a donation to the club for perceived value.  This wood came from the collection of Wayne Wolfe, who was a founding member of PAW.  Ken’s only caveat was that the wood should be used to make at least one bowl for donation to the Empty Bowls project coming up in September.  This “opportunity” took the place of the Raffle at today’s meeting.

The next general meeting will be on June 26.  This will be our annual Tool Sale.  There will be no Zoom broadcast at this meeting.

The General Meetings in August, September and October will feature Interactive Remote Demonstrations, given by professional turners.  The demonstrators do not want their presentations recorded, and also require that we play their demonstrations only at the YEI site, not to individuals at home.

PAW By-Laws and Policies have been reviewed by a committee consisting of Ken Allen, John Armstrong, Howard Kesselman, Dean Humphrey, and Gary Frank.  The recommended changes and the addition of Policies for Safety and Library have been approved by the Board of Directors.  An e-mail has been sent with updated copies of the Policies and Procedures so that the members can become familiar with them before voting at the June meeting.  Ken Allen asked that any comments be e-mailed to him before that meeting.

Ken announced that Susan Murphy has edited the recording of Gene Perryman’s demonstration at the April meeting, and it is now on our website.  Susan was given a round of applause for all her work on the website, and especially with this difficult recording.

Bruce Potter reported that he has received some really nice bowls for the Empty Bowls Event, and reminded everyone that he is accepting donations for that project at each meeting.  Bruce will also go wherever needed to pick up bowls that members have created.

Walt Spencer has been coordinating donations for Beads of Courage for several years.  He reported that he has finally been in touch with his BoC contact at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and will be delivering at least 26 bowls to them this week.

Ken Allen mentioned that the club has purchased wood sealer.  Gary Frank has a supply, but Ken Allen will keep some at his home in Prescott Valley.  It is a wax based emulsion, selling at $24/gallon.  Please bring a sturdy gallon container.

Vice President Mark Oglesby has created business cards for members to keep in their wallet for those times when talking with prospective members.  The cards show our logo and list the web address and a few of the things in which we are involved.  There is space on the back for your name and phone number.  Mark distributed cards to the members in attendance.

Membership Chairman Jay Loden reported that we have 79 paid members, and reminded everyone to sign in.  Due to the fact that our Treasurer is out of town, Jay reported on the sale at the Courthouse and said that our bank account is in good shape.

Program Director Gene Perryman said that he had polled members about what they wanted to see when our guest turners did their IRD.  Results are:

  • Pat Carroll will create a square box in August
  • Mike Mahoney will make a quarter sawn platter in September
  • Trent Bosch will create a decorative bowl in October

The November meeting will feature a hollowing equipment demo by Dean Humphrey and Larry OBrien.

Librarian Kathy Allen told us that conversations with professional turners have taught her that DVDs are being replaced with videos on YouTube.  Since some of the videos on YouTube are better (and safer) than others, Kathy asked for suggestions from the membership.  Gary Frank added that AAW has a wide selection of videos that have been vetted for content and safety.

Dean Humphrey presented today’s Safety Minute.  He talked about the need to use a respirator when applying finishes.  Aerosol applicators are especially dangerous.

Roger Harlow announced that the Artist’s Studio Tour was scheduled for October 1, 2 and 3, 2021.  He suggested that the information brochure might be a good place for PAW to advertise, since it goes out to so many households.

John Armstrong introduced himself as the instructor for woodturning classes at Yavapai College.  He said that his Tuesday/Thursday classes beginning in August are full, but that classes have been added for Monday and Wednesday evening, and those have space.  John said he teaches basic woodturning and the use of tools.  As folks mentioned how personally useful John’s classes have been, Ken asked how many folks here today had taken classes at Yavapai College.  More than half of the folks in the audience raised their hands.

Ed Jones announced that he will be moving in about a month, and needs to sell tools and equipment from two shops.  Contact Ed about the best time to see this stunning array.

Ken Allen then introduced Roger Harlow.  Roger creates pieces using segmenting.  Today he showed how he uses vertical segments that better show grain in wood such as zebra wood.  He explained the minimal math needed to determine the angle needed for each segment.  Once cut, he dry-fits the piece before gluing.  When glued, he uses Cambridge Quick Release Clamps, available from Amazon, to hold the pieces until they are dry.  Roger stressed that accuracy is important in segmenting, and that even a slight build-up of dirt or sawdust on a machine can change an angle.

Lastly, he showed a large vase with a story related to each layer of segments, that he said was made in essentially the same way as what he showed us earlier.

Show & Tell is always a treat, but today it included tips learned in the creation of some of the pieces.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.  Ken Allen said that Jay Loden was still available to take donations if folks wanted to choose more of the wood outside.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hunt, Secretary