March 27th 2021:

Prescott Area Woodturners met at the YEI building, 6708 Corsair in the Prescott Airpark on Saturday March 27, 2021.  This meeting was a hybrid of in-person and Zoom attendees.

President Ken Allen called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Ken warned that one difficulty with combining Zoom and a live meeting was audio, and asked for patience as procedures are learned.

Ken Allen announced that former member LG Mace had donated 15 tubs of turning wood.  One of those tubs would be Raffled off during today’s meeting.

Before introducing Website Coordinator Susan Murphy, Ken complimented her on the work she did to edit the recording of Gary Frank’s demonstration on February 27.  That demo is just one of the enhancements Susan has made to the website.  Susan showed us various areas of the website and how to access them.  One of those areas is the Mentor List.  Please contact Susan if you want to add your name to the list, or if there are changes you want to make.  One is on the Demo tab: a short description of what is planned for future demonstrations.  After the demo a video of the demonstration will appear on the website.  Susan said, “This is OUR website; please let me know about any changes that should be made and/or new items you would like to see.”  Susan felt that the website was a good place for prospective members to learn about PAW.

Ken Allen talked about the mid-week discussions, now called Wood Chips & Sanding Grits, or Chips & Grits.  These discussions happen every two weeks via Zoom.  14 to 16 folks have participated in these very informal discussions, with the stated topic used only as a way to get started.  The next Chips and Grits is scheduled on Tuesday March 30 at 7:00 p.m.

Ken Allen put in the plug for membership in AAW.  Membership provides a tremendous amount of available resources.

Events Coordinator Dan Hall talked about the sale to be held on Courthouse Square on May 8 and 9, 2021 – Mother’s Day weekend.  Dan has sign-up sheets on the welcome table for those wanting to sell, as well as those who will load and unload supplies from our shed, and those willing to spend about an hour during the sale to demonstrate turning using the club lathe.  Sellers pay a non-refundable deposit of $20 which holds their spot at the sale.

Safety Coordinator Dave Smith talked about the danger of entanglement.  He stated that, in an encounter with a rotating machine, the machine will always win.

Treasurer Dennis Egan said that we now have $4,745 in the bank, with no large expenses on the horizon.

Membership Director Jay Loden reported that we now have 78 members, and asked the newest members to introduce themselves.

Program Director Gene Perryman said that Barry Walter would be today’s demonstrator.  He will show us how to use fabric to create pens.  Gene will demonstrate at the April meeting.  He will show how to incorporate resin into his unique “parts and pieces” designs.  Roger Harlow will demonstrate segmenting at the May meeting.  Perryman asked the membership to volunteer as demonstrators.  He will arrange for a guest demonstrator later in the year, but we need local talent (which is plentiful at PAW) as well.  Future demonstrations will be via Zoom, but interactive.  Our A/V crew is working to gather equipment needed.

The Raffle of donated wood came next.  It was decided that only folks attending in person would be able to participate in the Raffle.

Barry Walter was introduced as today’s demonstrator.  He is our local pen expert, and he showed us how he creates pens using fabric.  He sent several examples through the audience.

Barry explained that the fabric used must have woven-in design, as opposed to printed design.  He uses thin CA glue, without accelerant.  He winds the fabric soaked with glue around the pen barrel and it becomes very hot while drying.  He stressed the need for good ventilation when working with glue.

When enough fabric was wound onto the pen barrel, and completely dry, he showed how he turned the pen.  He said he isn’t as aggressive with these fabric pens as he is with wood.  After shaping the pen he wet-sanded it to take the rough edges off.  He finishes these pens with at least 3 coats of StickFast CA glue.  The very last step is to polish with Novis Polish #2.

Barry answered questions during his demonstration, but the last questions was about selling his work.  He told us he sells pens like these for $30.

Show & Tell followed Barry’s demonstration.  It was so good to be able to finally touch as well as see the items brought for Show & Tell! The work is always impressive.

The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hunt, Secretary