January 23th 2021:

Prescott Area Woodturners met via Zoom on Saturday January 23, 2021.  24 members joined during the meeting.  President Ken Allen appeared in a mask because he was at Doug Rowe’s home shop and, although Ken has not been knowingly exposed, he did not want to put Doug or his family at risk of COVID-19 exposure.  He called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Ken acknowledged that we may need to meet via Zoom well into the year, due to the COVID-19 virus.  It is Ken’s goal to make meetings accessible as a combination of in-person and via Zoom in order to reach as many members as possible.

Ken introduced Gene Perryman as the new Program Director, and Jay Loden as Membership Director.  Jerry Shugars has been given the title of A/V Chair, a position he has quietly filled for several years.  Dave Smith will be our Safety Coordinator, an appointed position.  Susan Murphy was unable to attend today, but will be our Website Coordinator.

The position of Program Director must be voted upon by the membership.  We voted by raising our hands in each of our screens, and it was apparent that the majority voted to approve Gene Perryman as Program Director.

Ken Allen provided an update on the work being done on PAW By-Laws and Policies.  The Board of Directors has approved changes to the By-Laws and will review suggested changes to the Policies at their February meeting.  When the Policies are approved, both those and the By‑Laws will be submitted to the membership for a vote.

Vice President Mark Oglesby reported that he has been updating the Mentor List.  There are now 14 names on the list.  Several of the Mentors have added/changed the skills they will mentor.  Before Mark submits the List to Susan Murphy to be included on the website, he asked if any other members would like to be included.  If so, please contact Mark.  He expects the updated List to be on the website in two weeks.

Treasurer Dennis Egan reported that our current balance is $4,380.27.  We are at the end of collection time for 2021 dues.  To be included in the 2021 Roster, be sure your check is in the mail TODAY.  Mail to P. O. Box 12346, Prescott, AZ 86304, or directly to Dennis Egan, 11250 E. State Route 69, #2138, Dewey, AZ 86327.  Because the Stocking Stuffer Sale in December was canceled, dues are our only source of income this year.

Speaking of sales, Sales and Event Director Dan Hall reported that MAGG has canceled the May sale on Courthouse Square.  Yavapai Supervisors had considered raising the rate for space to sell on the Square, but have put that off for 2021.

Safety Chair Dave Smith has watched wood turning videos, and sees folks laying tools on the bed of the lathe.  This is dangerous for the tools and can damage the lathe bed.

Librarian Kathy Allen thanked members for taking care of the borrowed materials they have at their homes.

Ken Allen announced that the next meeting may be a hybrid in-person and simultaneous Zoom meeting.  It will depend upon the status of COVID in our area at that time.  Gary Frank will demonstrate from his shop via Zoom, with the assistance of Jerry Shugars. Watch for an email announcement with details shortly before the meeting date.

Ken then introduced Doug Rowe as today’s demonstrator, working from his home shop.

Doug demonstrated combining turning with the scroll saw and resin.  He began with a rough‑turned shallow bowl, but advised leaving everything thick.  He showed the pattern he would use, and demonstrated how he would affix it to the inside bottom of the bowl, first covering the surface with blue tape, next spraying glue, then applying the pattern.  He cut off the edges of the blue tape, then covered the pattern with clear tape, making sure there were no air bubbles, and trimmed the edges.

Doug then moved to the drill press, to make holes in each piece of the pattern for the scroll saw blade.  After the scroll saw had removed each part of the pattern, Doug applied clear tape to the back of the bowl to keep resin from leaking through the holes.  He mixed the resin he would use, remarking that there were many kinds of resins with different set-up times.  He filled the cut-out shapes with resin from the inside of the bowl.  After it was set up, he would return the piece to the lathe using a vacuum chuck, Cole jaws, or a Longworth chuck for finish turning. He showed us the final product that he had pre-prepared before the demonstration.

To create a resin inlay using another technique, Doug would router out the pattern on the back of the piece, fill the routed area with resin from the back side, then turn the bowl until the resin shows on the inside.

After the demonstration several members took part in Show & Tell using their Zoom presence.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hunt, Secretary