EMT Safety Talk

Prescott Area WoodTurners

EMT Safety talk.

Club President, Don Milburn arranged to an EMT couple to speak at the Prescott Area Woodturners last meeting (August).

EMT David and Tracy McGibbon gave a very informative talk on shop safety and procedures in case of an injury.  Reasons to call 911 and what type of information first responders need.

It’s ALWAYS Safer to call 9-1-1 and not need them, then to wait too long and need them!!

Chest Pain: The #1 reason people DIE from Heart Attacks is: DENIAL of intial and early symptoms!!!

Early Treatments: TPA–> STENTS.  The longer your wait, the more irreversible the damage.

A very informative talk with a Q&A.

For a first aid kit for your workshop the EMT team suggests that you “Google” first aid kits for your workshop.

EMT safety talk to club members.



David and Tracy McKibbin