Kaleidoscope Demo

Prescott Area WoodTurners

P.A.W. Club member Dennis Egan gave a great demo on making Kaleidoscope at our last club meeting.  Below are some of the items that he used in making the kaleidoscope. 

Dennis got his plans from Jim Duxbury www.dusterity.com. He is in Graham NC. He has a DVD that shows how to make a kaleidoscope based on a design he modified. Dennis modified his design by making the “object box” removable so you can change the contents.  If this is your first attempt at making a kaleidoscope, Jim’s plans and DVD are well worth the investment of $39.99 including shipping.
Dennis would also recommend one the classes in Jerome the second week in October. The schedule is available from Nellie Bly in Jerome. Their Website is www.nellieblyscopes.com/. The classes range from beginner to more advanced.
Some of the other Websites that are useful are Kaleidoscopes to You www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com sells mirrors designed to be used in kaleidoscopes. The reflective surface is on the front. They come in two sizes 11″ x 13″ or 13″ x 22″.  They are good quality and come packed very well so there is no chance of breakage.
Dennis got the magnets he uses from Phoenix Magnetics https://phoenixmagnetics.com/ phone (623) 435-6829 . The owner is Paul and he works from his house. He has a very good selection at reasonable prices.
You can use almost any species of wood you like. You could also glue up a number of narrow pieces and make a kaleidoscope from the. Something Dennis is  planning to do for November club sale
Parts and prisms.


Dennis Egan


Picture view of a kaleidoscope.