Eric Lofstrom Hand out

Prescott Area WoodTurners

All-Day Demonstration of Technique-Building Treasures: Turning Spindle, Endgrain & Facegrain (Spinning Tops, Endgrain Bowl/Box, Square-Rim Bowl, Rice Bowl)  During this all-day demonstration, attendees will learn about methods I use to turn several projects, ranging from very simple to advanced turning and an exploration of embellishing techniques. The morning will focus on showing you fundamental spindle and endgrain turning techniques I use to turn spinning tops and endgrain bowls/boxes. After lunch, I will showcase techniques I use in turning a square-winged bowl, then complete the day with turning a small facegrain oriented rice bowl. All projects will focus on tool control, form, and exploring embellishments. The day’s turning will showcase several tools; skew, bowl gouges, scrapers, chucking methods, embellishing tools, etc. All skills and projects turned during this day’s demo are worth adding to every turner’s toolbox of techniques!


  1. Spinning Top Blanks= ~3″square x6″ (x2) of dry, clear, straight-grain, hard/sugar maple spindle blanks (or equivalent such as beech or dry madrone)
  2. Endgrain Bowl/Box Blanks= 3”-4”square x6″ long (x2) of dry hard/sugar maple, eastern cherry, or madrone spindle blanks
  3. Square-Rim Bowl Blanks= ~6″square x2″thick (x2) of dry, clear, figured, hard/sugar maple facegrain blanks (may substitute w/ cherry or equivalent)
  4. Rice Bowl Blanks= ~6”dia. X3″-4”thick (x2) of dry maple, eastern cherry or walnut facegrain bowl blank